Monday, March 2, 2015

The Score

Message to the Netz Neo Nutzis:  What you are doing is Failing.  Find a new plan.  Since it is time to bring the costumes back to the shop.

The fact is that the net based costume party larping 'nationalists' are NOT going to make the next cut to the A Team, because they are of no use to the majority who rightly reject them as alien oddballs.

The Costume Clowns IMHO, are tools of the system they purport to oppose and of NO use to the Nation they claim to support.   They MUST be called out and driven into the wilds to perish since they are toxic filth they dirty everything they touch. They are unwilling to work and worthless for anything else.

So that we have this clear Net Nutzi nonsense and other Larping equals DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except helping the system stigmatize ALL nationalism with clownish buffoonery.

Take off that silly uniform. Act like a normal human being. Be of GOOD CHEER rather than bitching and crying all the time about doom and gloom. These are good.

Walk your dog and act like a human being that your neighbors can respect and whose goals they can support is far more important than knowing obscure nonsense about Hitler and WWII. This is better.

But DOING work that produces useful things for Family, Community and the kind, like a proper Man is Most Important and Best all in One:
It is just like that. 

Real Nationalists are of USE to their Nation not Uniformed street brawlers or Net Warriors dressing up as Hitler's ghost -- those folks are just Netz Nutzis and should be disregarded by all forward thinking nationalists as again negative, lazy, toxic filth that are the kiss of death to any organization they come any where near.

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