Wednesday, March 4, 2015

One Head Two Arms -- Same Ending.

Two hands, One Head; All hooked to the same Body! 

This accurately describes the Single Payer Political System we operate under -- One Money Bag, two sets of Prostitutes ( D and R ), all paid for and keep going by You John Q Taxpayer.

Folks the American left, and right, are in fact one party owned and operated by and for Wall Street ( the Big Money Internationalists who in fact OWN this Slave Camp.) 

While we may openly have the appearance of a two party system, the fact that the same big money buys all significant factions that operate  in politics, has ensured that we have a De Facto one party system. The people 'choose' nothing and merely SELECT from among candidates chosen for them. No matter which person wins this or that race  over all the Moneybags win EVER SINGLE election as they CHOOSE who would be running with their money donations. This is the reality.

This single party system, is internationalist, and has absolutely no loyalty to the common majority American in any way shape or form, having as its stated goal the end of diversifying our nations --diversifying being a euphemism for less majority citizens, and more foreign barbarians, whose sole purpose in the country are to drive down wages, lower standards of living, divide the majority, dilute and destroy our unique identity, and thereby insurer that we can never vote our way out politically correct serfdom to the one party plutocrat money bag system, which will have destroyed all these things we love. 

The one party system will if allowed its way, take our land, destroyed our heritage, break up our homes, and more generally make us homeless serfs, on the continent our fathers conquered. 

The one party system, both democrat and republican, promote political correctness and neoliberal economics, the democrats have an emphasis on political correctness and its social values, while the republicans place their emphasis upon neoliberal economics; however, they both to a lesser or greater extent support all political correctness and neoliberal economics. 

Neoliberal economics, is crony capitalism by any other name.  Those bankers who stole trillions from us some years back, they are the poster children of neoliberal economics. 

Political correctness is Marxist communism by any other name.  The Reds subversives that teach your children about butt sex and that encourage society to embrace every degeneration known since Sodom and Gomorrah, are exemplars of the red Maoist Soviet variety of political correctness. 

In America, at the top of the pyramid, the international plutocrat moneybags, have decided that political correctness and neoliberalism, are going to be the ponies that pull their chariot to victory over us the people.

The longer you the Majority People validate their decisions by a voting for the candidates which they select and present to you, and then go about pretending that you made a real decision, the longer these two ponies will pull you all, to the destruction of Our unique people, the loss of  Our lands, and the end of Our way of life. This is the fact of the matter plain and simple.

The very fact is, the moneybags want everyone in the world dependent upon their centrally controlled market, that is the neoliberalism part of the deal; however, they also need everyone divided, and unable to unite against them, and that is the politically correct end of the deal. 

The moneybags know that the third world peoples are too incompetent to ever organized against them effectively, but since the moneybags are based in the first world, they must divide us by way of mass immigration, else the majority citizens, in the first world, would not long tolerate being these people slaves nor would we care to pay their way.  So they have imported voting blocs to outvote the majority first world people, and created subversive voting blocs it home to subvert the majority people's traditions at home. 

Thus using the communist tactic of pressure from within and pressure from without, to ensure the first world people remain their slaves and that they can, remain in control of their neoliberalism political politically correct empire. 

All empires require diverse populations, to rule, because no unified nationally minded people are they easily held in bondage, well mixed minority populations with no center of tradition have no means of unifying against tyranny and imperial domination. 

The money bags are merely using the old roman trick of dividing conquer, applying neoliberalism and politically correct rhetoric to it, and for the same ends: so that they may rule as they extract wealth from us to their advantage and our general disadvantage . 

If they make us a minority among minorities in our own lands, then then we will be their slaves forever, and most likely we will cease to exist in any meaningful way, as they will have degraded and destroyed our unique identity. As such under their boot we will merely be a token people,servile and low. Betrayed and sold into bondage.

The standard response from both the right and left to the sorts of statements by working and middle class people such as myself, are racism, Klansman NAZI, and many other insulting 'shaming words' meant to shutdown debate, and ensure that the resolution to all discussions about our future in the in the favor of political correctness and neoliberalism, rather than in the favor of the majority population, who again are called racist by these people for asserting their majority rights to national self determination. 

Everyone knows this is the standard response, we're not supposed to talk in terms of our country in our land, but only in terms of this country and this land; the implication being that it's not truly OURS but just a land, among many lands that are all equal. 

Well to the PC, money bag, golden calf worshipers all lands may be equal, but to me this is my land of birth, not just any land that they get to give away to whomever pays the ticket to ride the ride it is their little country. 

This land isn't a club you come here to enjoy or that exists to bring you 'happiness' or any other quality at all. 

This land is something one is born into as part of a living people, a living continuation of the national tradition, as part of the historical heritage in a specific home to parents who were born the same way.
 That is what 'this land' is to me and many others, quite a great deal of whom are still afraid to speak out, but They will find their voices as the vice of Neoliberalism and PC starts to squeeze their children's future like a wine-press. 

The Moneybags mean to have your land and the Two Party Charade is the Means they intend to use to have It! 



The very fact is is unless you want these golden calf worshiping politically correct raiders to give your land away to third world immigrants in the name of diversity and tolerance, you have no choice but to raise your voice and to say," I reject political correctness.  I reject mass immigration.  I reject being replaced in my own land like replaceable parts.  I reject the insane notion that my neighborhoods have been enriched by the diversity which has brought violence crime poverty disease and every other undesirable characteristic in its wake.   

I reject the idea that my people are just the same as every other and have no unique value whatsoever, who moreover should like panda bears just become minorities in our own lands.  I reject white guilt.  I reject enforced equality affirmative action and so called tolerance which is in fact the majority happening to tolerate minorities bad actions.

I reject international country club elitists looking down their nose at me while they tell me that I have to give up everything I love for their profits. I reject the caviar socialist who wish to steal everything I love in the name of their fantasy utopia.  

And I reject the idea that it is hatred to love my own people, my own land,my own way of life, my own laws and to wish to keep them, just as I reject the insane notion that it's hatred to prefer my own kind, my own country, and my own ways over foreign kinds, countries, and ways.  

I reject PC's nonsense shaming words, finding PC to be lacking in moral character, and therefore lacking in any standing, to judge me in any matter whatsoever."

Until the normal person out there can say, these things and mean them, as well as carry through with the actions necessary, beginning with rejecting the two party phony system, we the majority will remain slaves to political correctness and neoliberalism, and therefore be nothing more than the property of the international money bag class who own the American government.

It really comes down to folks do you want to be free, or do you wanna live under political correctness and the rainbow fantasy, while you are bled dry by golden calf worshiping carpetbaggers?

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