Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Liberal Lies:

Here be Hypocrites!

Liberals are the ultimate hypocrites.  They have a time lampooning poor whites for their supposed racism, yet the same time these caviar socialists live work and play as far from the diversity, vibrancy, and enrichment, that tolerance, diversity, and multiculturalism have brought us as they physically can place themselves.

We invite them to move themselves and their family to the poorest most diversity rich area they can find and walk the walk, while checking THEIR privilege.  But, they will not as they know in their heart that this claptrap is a lie.  They know that all their grandstanding about 'equality' is merely a stool from which to spit down upon others. They know it is all about them looking down the nose. They. Know.

And yet they still will lecture those who are honest about racial differences, as if they themselves do not believe in these differences.  They will continue to prance about as if they are some kind of morally superior human to us poor, working, and middle class whites.  They will surely miss no chance to denounce us for being leery of the minorities and their disproportionate amount of criminality, barbarism and savagery.  They will continue very much to mock us from their little well to do perch about how we hate these people for taking our jobs. 

All of them pretend mightily -- even fooling themselves in some cases -- that they believe these fables about equality being absolute, and every one in every place being the same.
But the acts of these caviar socialists; their choices in places to live; the general society with which they surround themselves and their families; all belie the words which they mouth but which do they do not hold to their hearts.  The lectures are nothing more than grandstanding, so that they can act superior to others morally.

Being called to task by us 'cracker people' for their malarkey way of acting really gets them going: Oh they hate us 'racists' for calling them out. ( Try it and see Call them out for their Faux Adherence to PC.)

And how they wish they could silence us. But wish, want and will are not the same thing.  So accordingly, until what they wish matters We will simply point out that, they choose NOT to live in the rubble of the urban areas where the entire population is 'enriching' and is 100% 'vibrant' in most cases. In point of fact they will fight to live amongst us evil 'racists' whites in the suburbs and rural areas rather than live in the Urban Enriched Zones.

And what is more they do this by choice.  Thus indicating a preference by this choice -- Seems the Left needs to Check its Choices!  Seems they need to admit reality: Until then They are as We have already said the ultimate in weakling hypocrites. Too Timid to Tell the Truth, and too Weak to Matter if they did! 

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