Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ice and Snow: Reality Comes To Visit

We begin this tale in a remote village located in the heart of Europe during the ice age.  It is fiercely cold.  Organization is needed for survival.  There are many small bands of people scattered, separated by glaciers and ice shelves. 

One of these bands, one winter, discovered a drug called Egalitarianism. They took it in excessive amounts. Full ideological systems were generated to justify the effects of this tragic intoxication. And intoxicated they got.

Now this band of people, had formally had hierarchy, and the men were in full control of their family's within this hierarchy. The Women tended the Home. The Children were firmly under the control of both and broken to civilization.

But under the effects of Egalitarianism the absurdity of  ABSOLUTE 'political equal' was born.
Where before egalitarianism all things had been decided by councils of MEN of over a certain age that had performed their duties to society alone, it was NOW  found that all from first voice to last cackle  had  to have a 'voice' in matters large and small ... enter lesbians, sodomy, pedophilia and bestiality ... then comes the belief that nature ought to just give them all for nothing  ... then ... { passes one, two, perhaps three generations at most } ... They all died.

Normal people then moved into their lands, set up Patriarchal Hierarchy, organized, and survived based on the Family units converging into villages that acted as larger units when the need arose.  These people were told about the former peoples from a lone survivor and found them to be utterly mad.

Since everyone knows that , acceptance of natural inequality and steadfast adherence to natural divisions of labor is what ensures the survival of the kind.

T'is a Lesson here someplace ... * looks about himself *

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