Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Atomic Individual VS Real Flesh and Blood People!

Liberalism is a fantasy through and through:

It requires an 'atomic' man or SINGLE INDIVIDUAL as its logic premise for economics and society but there is NO society of ONE nor an economy involving a single person in nature now, nor has there ever been.  There is NO 'totally free individual' nor will there ever be such a person as this.  

The Atomic Individualists refrain: But all acts by a group happen because of an individual who came down from Heaven with ALL the Rights of an Englishmen fully formed ... ( who had property, was of the 'right' station and had all the proper connections, luvvy. Why didn't the 'atomic person' have the Rights of a Roman Equities, or a Scottish Highlander Chief?) 

{ And this is what you do: Mock and cut off this gibberish: Demand PROOF that such a Person ever existed rather than merely 'posit' such a person, Or Better Yet, construct a proof that is at least as sound as their 'person with all his rights in nature' who never existed.}

Reality's Iron Propositions to Liberalism (Rip Liberalism):
Axiom: We must continue to exist,as a group, as that is the natural imperative. (W1)
Axiom: We only exist as individuals within the bounds of groups, which exist to ensure survival of the kind. (W2)
Axiom: These groups all flow naturally from the male female gender dichotomy, the patriarchal family, which tends to result in a 'state' and as such a social state within a group to which we are born and in which we live is 'nature' to humans as there are NO natural humans who are born or live outside of a group. (W3)
These are ALL true. No debate about them will be had.
Any thought process that says that we the group kind are secondary to any other consideration runs counter to W1 and thus is FALSE. It is also suicidal as it is the group that ensures the individuals survival ... It is that easy.
Any theories about 'atomic men' or 'natural men' that are singular in 'nature' is false, and must be rejected in its totality. The simple fact is the ALL of us alive are alive because one Male and one Female -- two people being a group -- mingled flesh and produced us. 
Any idealizations about humans existing in nature sans a civic government or just living on the rocks free from all 'authority' are pure fantasy ie false; the normal status for all humans is to exist in a society that grows from the familial circle outwards to the greater state. And all of these have preexisting rules that govern duties and rights. They are not purely choices now and they never have been before, nor will they ever be such a choice in the future. 
Therefore liberalism -- from Locke on to modernity -- must be rejected by Nationalists because it proclaims the false concept that, individuals predate Nations, Nations are second to economics, and that self interest is over all, and this is counter to W1-3;
That individuals and NOT groups are the foundation of society, and again that said individuals have NO loyalty to anything outside themselves and this is counter to W1-3
And that society is a club, that can be chosen or rejected not a patrimony that one is born into and accepts on its terms, and this utterly contrary to W3.
No person has ever lived long in nature without SOME kind of nearby settlement or access to other human's labors ... None ... and those that do 'survive' in such a low and savage condition are mostly of the 'wolf boy' variety; barely fit to be labeled human much less living. That is basic reality.

There is NO way to 'survive' as a fully human person minus a 'collective' in nature.
Further, NO actual society has ever existed based solely upon 'volunteerism' type ideals or idealized contracts  and all communities founded upon them have in short order fallen back upon 'collectivism' ie found that leaders are needed and that social ranking based on performance is just part of reality.
Families are 'collectives' with hierarchy and chains of authority -- Father rules the whole and deals with the outside world;, Mother the home and child when father is away; and the Child is ruled with the ideal that they will grow to take the gender role NATURE assigned them. 

This most basic group and division of labor as well as arrangement of power and rule is normative among humans, as NO person exists that did not have a mother and a father ... and no proper family exists minus proper authority and rule ... thus Families are THE basic unit for humans NOT individuals and therefore Groups are a fact of human existence as are the consequences of groups: Taxes, call ups to defend the group and in the end dying if need be. All of this springs from the Familial Duty to Defend the Home and Hearth.
Basically to be part of a normal functioning polity sometimes one must sacrifice one's personal best good to that of the group -- it all follows from the Man's responsibility towards his own family which is NOT a choice and is a duty, the mothers duty to care for the young and home, again not a choice and the child's duty to fall into line and behave: None of this is a choice or involves any 'consent' and all attempts to 'tweak' it result in failures to a greater or lesser extent.

From all the above it can only become clear: Liberalism is pure rationalist pap. It is grounded on NO actual reality and like all fantasy must eventually fall into its foundations. 


  1. If I read this right you are saying that a group must exist for individuals to exist? So where does the group get its first members?

    1. Chicken and Egg type dilemmas will not eliminate the fact that NO human has ever existed in nature as a singularity. Sorry. Good stab though.

  2. It seems to me that only a person removed from reality could have ever thought that wild nature was about choices.

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