Monday, March 23, 2015

Debt Slavery Made Simple.

And the hard yet simple solution:

We in the west today, America and the UK in particular, are experiencing a long term economic downturn.  Sure the pig is being dressed up, and we are being sold the idea of never ending prosperity, but that is mostly word-smithing and spin. 

The reality is that because, the volume and value of Our currency is controlled by usurer internationalist bankers, we are being slowly bled dry, and will continue to be bleed until we stop running up and down their interest laced blade. 

The problem originates with issuing the money as debt, with every unit of currency created, a corresponding debt is created which debt, is not covered by the amount issue.  IE P+I > P. Interest plus principle is always more than the amount of money in circulation.  

This situation ensures the usurers take from the population a mathematically certain amount of , their real property, real labor, and real time, given those that issued the debt in what is effectively a system whereby we pay tribute to bankers for their 'right' to issue our own money to us at interest.

The Sad Truth: Rumpelstiltskin is loaning you back your own work.

Thus by participating in their game and using their Bank(debt)notes, we all make ourselves their slaves.

The Simple yet hard solution:

Abolish the present central bank; replace with truly Public Bank that acts as the governments holder of deposits and the issuer of public currency. ( See Bank of North Dakota for more. )
Then, Issue the money as a function of commerce, not credit. As Legal Tender NOT a loan. As currency not as 'debts' with interest but as public credit interest free.  ( Greenbacks not gold, not petrodollars, but money based upon productive labor and productive activity. )

Now society is not held in thrall to bankers whims, but controls for good or ill its own future.
It is just that simple.

Class dismissed.

The End.


  1. What good does it do us to print our own money? Won't that just lead to hyperinflation?

    1. Hyper-Inflation does not just happen because of the printing of money, and it can never happen just so long as the Amount of Demand IE MONEY is keep reasonably equal to the amount of SUPPLY IE Goods and Services. So HI is a choice that bankers make because it profits them to hurt others, but so is Deflation -- both are means to pump and dump economies and ride the wave of Chaos.

      So what good does it do to take this power to pump and dump from unaccountable internationalist Bankers? Well it at least ensures that this power resides with US the Nation and not with the Bankers, and other internationalists who are selling us short daily.

      Basically: You have ANY power you are able to delegate. We delegated power to a cabal of bankers by way of the Federal Reserve so we can take that power back and give it to anyone else we choose ...